Writing Crochet: Line of Instruction Styles

Emily Dacy Reiter
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How do I write crochet instructions?  You know the parts of a pattern, but you need help writing the actual lines of instruction in your pattern?  This guide is here for you!  I will walk you through the questions you need to ask and answer when setting up your style of writing.  You will learn a variety of styles that are acceptable when writing crochet patterns.  Yes, crochet can be written in lots of ways.  You can have your own style and be consistent for your readers.   The more consistent you are from one pattern to another, the happier your readers will be.  When you write in a more common, industry accepted manner, your readers will be happier.  Happy readers make for return readers.  Return readers = more $$

I am a crochet technical editor (and sometimes knit), and I've edited over 1,000 patterns.  There is well written crochet and there is poorly written crochet.  In this book, I'm giving you all my wisdom on the decisions that should be made to write beautiful crochet.  

If you're a new crochet designer, this book is definitely for you!  If you're a seasoned crochet designer, there may yet be a few tidbits of information that could help you.  

You have the option of purchasing my Abbreviations mini-course along with this book for added help!

I want this!

19 page pdf with checklist to help write instructions, helpful writing handout, and explanations for all the questions.

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